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Poetry packs

Curriculum links

England and Wales: Writing: pupils should be given the opportunity to write in response to a variety of stimuli including stories, poems, classroom activities and personal experience. 

Scotland: Imaginative writing.

Northern Ireland: Writing will arise from a variety of experiences and contexts including first-hand experiences.

The Activity

At the hedgerow
Print off a 'word bag' (click here) for each child, which they should bring with them. Draw the children's attention to sights, sounds, smells and textures. These should be recorded on the bag sheets by the children. They may need your help with the adjectives. At the hedgerow you may want them to collect nouns only and add the adjective back in the classroom. 

You could also collect items which could go into a 'feely box' back in the classroom. These could be a stimulus for writing hedgerow poems.

In the classroom
Collect the children's suggestions. You could produce fair copies of their word bags and keep them in the language area, marked 'hedgerows'. 

Children should refer to the 'word bags' to make their own hedgerow poems. For children who are finding it difficult to get started with their poem, try using a structure, for example, an acrostic:

Hedges are beautiful
Every field should have one